Leader in Temperature-Controlled Warehouse Construction

Fisher has built millions of square feet of cold storage and temperature-controlled warehouses. We have designed and built some of the most efficient refrigerated facilities in the US and Canada and will bring our unsurpassed expertise to your project. Take a look at the projects below to see the wide range of facilities we have built and how we have met our customers’ needs.

  • Arctic Cold - Oxnard, CA
  • Litehouse - Danville, VA
  • Plymouth Inc.
  • SnoTemp - Redmond
  • United States Cold Storage - Turlock North
  • Kendal Floral Cooler Renovation
  • NewCold Burley Idaho
    Newcold Advanced Logistics - Burley ID
  • Johanna Beverage Cooler 2019
    Johanna Beverage Cooler
  • Lineage Logistics Othello Expansion
  • Henningson Cold Storage Building Exterior
    Henningsen Cold Storage - Grandview
  • Lineage Logistics Cool Port
  • Henningsen Cold Storage - Mill Creek
  • NewCold Advanced Logistics
  • Litehouse Foods - Ella Ave. Cooler
  • United States Cold Storage
  • Roxford Produce International
  • Lineage Logistics
  • Port of Morrow Warehousing
  • SnoTemp | Eugene
  • Henningsen Cold Storage
  • Columbia Fruit
  • Firestone Pacific Foods
  • Americold - Tacoma
  • Americold | Delhi
  • RailEx USA - Wallula
  • RailEx USA - Delano
  • Enfield Farms Cold Storage

Cold Storage Library:

Lamb Weston Potato Storage, 44,280 sf temp-controlled storage, Delhi, Louisiana

Empire Cold Storage, 14,000 sf cold storage, Spokane, WA

Lineage TFI Brooks, 150,000 sf Cold Storage, Brooks, Oregon

Enfield Farms, 32,000 sf Cold Storage, Lynden, Washington

Space LLC, 102,000 sf Cold Storage, Medford, Oregon

J.R. Simplot, 87,000 sf Cold Storage, Portage La Prairie, Manitoba Canada

Lineage TFI Oxnard, 92,000 sf Cold Storage, Oxnard, California

Lineage TFI San Antonio, 95,000 sf Cold Storage, San Antonio, Texas

Columbia Colstor, 460,000 sf Cold Storage, Quincy, Washington

Bellingham Cold Storage, 16,000 sf Cold Storage, Bellingham, Washington

Commercial Cold Storage, 60,000 sf Cold Storage, Mount Vernon, Washington