Maximum Building Performance

Your facility isn’t just a roof over your process, or a cold box storing your products. It is an integral tool in the success of your business. At Fisher Construction Group, we know that first hand. We play a key role in helping food processing and cold storage providers achieve greater success by designing and building highly efficient facilities which meet our client’s specific needs.

Food Processing and Cold Storage Building Construction

We know the details needed to save on energy costs. We know what it takes to make your building last for the long haul, and not buckle under the strain of constant use. And we know what it takes to build your facility in time to meet your peak demand.

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  • Arctic Cold - Oxnard, CA
  • Silver Bay Seafoods - False Pass
  • Columbia Fruit Processing
  • Litehouse - Danville, VA
  • Plymouth Inc.
  • Firestone Pacific - AC Foods
  • Simplot PLP Expansion
  • SnoTemp - Redmond
  • Trident Seafoods Naknek
  • United States Cold Storage - Turlock North
  • Kendal Floral Cooler Renovation
  • Simplot-RDO Pasco, Washington
    Simplot RDO
  • NewCold Burley Idaho
    Newcold Advanced Logistics - Burley ID
  • Johanna Beverage Cooler 2019
    Johanna Beverage Cooler
  • Lineage Logistics Othello Expansion
  • Agriculture Capital - Silver Mountain Processing
  • Henningson Cold Storage Building Exterior
    Henningsen Cold Storage - Grandview
  • Lineage Logistics Cool Port
  • Litehouse Expansion
  • Lamb Weston Richland Line 5 Addition
  • Henningsen Cold Storage - Mill Creek
  • NewCold Advanced Logistics
  • Litehouse Foods - Ella Ave. Cooler
  • Elysian Brewing