Dump Truck Driver

Date Posted: July 8, 2021

Job Location(s)

Seattle, WA

Portland, OR

Burlington, WA

Pasco, WA

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This position requires travel. We compensate for cost of travel and overnight stays.

Reports To

Civil Superintendent

Fisher Construction Group

Job Summary

Drives truck equipped with dump body to transport and dump materials such as rock, soil, demolition materials, or other materials as needed. Loads and facilitates movement of equipment using various tilt deck and lowboy trailers. Drives other vehicles and/or configurations as assigned and trained.

Essential Functions

  • Performs daily truck equipment inspections including, but not limited to tires, lights, brakes, gas, oil and water, etc. before each shift to assure equipment is safe for usage. Completes written daily inspection report as required.
  • Submits requests for maintenance for any repair items.
  • Maintains truck logs or time recordings as required by state, federal, and company policies and regulations.
  • Performs or assists with proper and legal loading of materials for transport.
  • Weighs in and out at scales for load ticketing and legal weight compliance.
  • Operates truck safely to and from project destination.
  • Positions blocks and/or tarps to secure load for transit.
  • Connects and disconnects various trailers to change truck configurations.
  • Loads, Unloads, and secures equipment on various trailer types.
  • Secures equipment using various chains, ratchets and binders.
  • All other duties as assigned.

Peripheral Functions

  • May run errands to collect equipment and supplies from stores or from the home office.
  • May operate earthmoving equipment such as rollers, backhoes, excavators as needed to support the company’s civil crew between truck driving duties.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

  • Valid driver’s license with CDL endorsement and good driving record.
  • Ability to maintain a good attendance record.
  • Ability to operate dump trucks, equipment and machinery and all equipment types owned by company.
  • Knowledge of traffic laws for transportation of goods in commercial vehicles.
  • Knowledge of the safe methods for securing loads.

Physical Requirements

Truck drivers typically spend the majority of their day seated in the cab of their truck. Drivers must be capable of operating foot and hand controls on a constant basis. Their vision must be 20/40 correctable in each eye. Must meet all physical requirements for Department of Transportation commercial drivers licensing.

Working Conditions

Work is performed outdoors in all weather conditions. Workers are exposed to dust and dirt common to construction sites.

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