Pipe Layer | Moses Lake, WA

Date Posted: May 24, 2024

Job Location(s)

Moses Lake, WA

Safety Sensitive

Subject to pre-employment and random drug screening, including THC.

Job Summary

Fisher Construction Group is seeking a skilled and experienced Pipe Layer to join our construction team. As a Pipe Layer, you will be responsible for installing and repairing underground pipelines that carry water, sewage, or gas. Your expertise in reading blueprints and ensuring precise alignment and grading of pipes will contribute to the successful completion of various construction projects.

Wage Range

     Wage Range: $28/hr to $34/hr+ depending on skills, experience, and willingness to travel


  • Read and interpret blueprints, specifications, and project plans to determine the layout and installation requirements for underground pipelines.
  • Calculate and measure the appropriate depths, slopes, and alignments for pipe installation using surveying instruments and grade rods.
  • Lay pipes into trenches, ensuring proper alignment, grade, and positioning according to project specifications.
  • Connect pipes using welding, cementing, or other appropriate methods, and install fittings and valves as needed.
  • Test pipelines for leaks and ensure proper drainage and flow by adjusting pipe angles and elevations as necessary.
  • Collaborate with other construction team members, including equipment operators, laborers, and supervisors, to ensure efficient and timely completion of projects.


  • Proven experience as a Pipe Layer or similar role in the construction industry.
  • Proficiency in reading and interpreting construction blueprints, plans, and specifications.
  • Strong knowledge of underground utility installation techniques, materials, and equipment.
  • Ability to operate heavy machinery and construction equipment, including excavators, backhoes, and trenchers.
  • Excellent understanding of grade and slope requirements for proper pipe installation and drainage.
  • Skilled in using hand tools, power tools, and surveying instruments with precision and accuracy.
  • Physical stamina and dexterity to perform manual labor and work in various weather conditions and environments.


  • Fisher’s success is built on strong teams.  Full-Time, non-union employees are rewarded with competitive wages with annual wage reviews, health Insurance benefits including medical, dental, vision, life, and long-term disability benefits as well as 401K retirement benefits with a company match.  After one year, Full-Time, non-union employees are also eligible for profit sharing.

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