Project Description

Location: Bellingham, Washington
Project Size: 3,070 sf
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Financial

Location. Location. Location. SaviBank knew the value of prime real estate when they sought to locate their second branch office in Bellingham. Working with the design | build team of Fisher Construction Group, they explored the options available for the busy intersection in the city’s Fountain District. They found a building with little potential, but the location had an enormous upside.

Fisher helps SaviBank explore options

After thoroughly exploring the options and cost implications of removing the building vs. renovating, SaviBank decided to demo the existing building– and old KFC and start fresh. Four months later they opened the bank office and were very glad they chose to build new rather than renovate.

Working through the variety of options available to owners is a valuable service the design| build team at Fisher provides. The team of architects, structural engineers and construction professionals have seen it all Like on this project with SaviBank, they are a valuable partner in the due diligence needed to make informed business decisions.

Once the decision was made, the demo began with the construction following on its heels. The wood-frame building designed to fit on a tight lot footprint on the corner of a busy intersection. The team sequenced material deliveries and and construction work carefully to accomplish the end goal without disrupting the nearby businesses and homes.

NW Plus Credit Union

Project Description

Location: Burlington, Washington
Project Size: 2,637 sf
Architect: Carletti & Associates
Facility Type: Financial

For 80 years credit unions have delivered a ‘for the people, by the people’ type of service. In that tradition, NW Plus Credit Union began upgrading its branch offices in several Northwest communities.

give branch office distinct Northwest feel

Though small in square footage, this branch office boasts a big Northwest feel with timber columns and beams with knife plate connections. The warm wood finishes add to the appeal of the 2,637 sq. ft. branch office with five teller windows and two drive-up lanes.

As one of NW Plus’ first ground-up projects, the credit union explored several design options before choosing a multiple exterior finish solution with split face CMU, metal siding, and aluminum wall panels.

Another of the project’s unique features is a Filterra Bioretention system, installed to deal with site storm water. This green system uses mulch and a tree planted in the tank to filter and remove pollutants before they enter the storm drain.

The project broke ground in November with a four-month construction schedule. Fisher’s team planned the project’s schedule carefully to deal with the challenges of construction in winter. Planning ahead, the crews installed the asphalt early in the project schedule before the plant closed for winter, rather than at project completion. Fisher’s attention to detail and organized approach made a late February opening a very successful reality.

Washington Federal

Project Description

Location: Bellingham, Washington
Project Size: 4,100 sf renovation
Architect: Carletti & Associates
Facility Type: Financial

Renovation rather than new construction makes a lot of business sense, as well as environmental sense. But, as anyone who has remodeled knows, it often isn’t the easiest option.

customer service was the priority throughout the renovation

So it was when Washington Federal considered much needed upgrades to their Lakeway branch office in Bellingham, Washington. They wanted an updated facility in the same prime location that had served as a bank branch office for the past two decades. It was a daunting challenge to complete the remodel without a long interruption to customer service.

When Fisher won the project bid, they immediately went to work planning a construction schedule that would reduce the time closed to the absolute minimum. By completing the project in phases, and sometimes working nights and weekends, the bank remained open serving customers though all but 4 days of the project.

In sixteen weeks the Fisher team gutted and rebuilt the two-story office, which included bringing the structure up to seismic code by reframing the interior bearing walls and pouring new footings in the crawl space to support the second floor. The exterior was refinished with stucco, storefront glazing, ACM Panels, and coordin-ated masonry, all to bring the 1960’s era building up to current Washington Federal branch standards.

The frumpy-to-fabulous transformation brought rave reviews from the bank personnel who experienced the renovation on a daily basis, and from the corporate directors who were pleasantly surprised that Fisher’s team accomplished so much with such minimal interruption in customer service.

Horizon Bank

Project Description

Location: Everett, Washington
Project Size: 16,000 sf
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Financial

Prior to being bought by Washington Federal, Horizon Financial Corp operated eighteen banking office in Western Washington with branch offices in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish and Pierce counties.

project stays on course with design-build solutions

As Horizon looked to add a loan and banking center in Everett, they called on Fisher to design and build the new facility– the fourth project Fisher built for the corporation.

The highly visible site chosen was full of unique challenges, including the diversion of an underground stream and incorporating aggressive an water-proofing plan to keep moisture from seeping below the building. Fisher’s design and construction teams set to work to make facility highly visible and efficient– to serve the needs of Horizon’s many customers as well as serve as a training center for employees in the greater Everett area.

The 16,000 sq. ft. 4-story building accommodates 5 drive-up lanes, and multiple loan offices. This project included high end interior finishes and ACM panels as well as a glass wall of windows extending several stories.