Project Description

Client: Crown Enterprises, LLC
Location: Post Falls, Idaho
Project Size: 33,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Trucking Terminal Facility

Crown Enterprises, a commercial real estate company, owns and develops projects for their clients to lease across the United States predominantly in the logistics and trucking industry. When their clients brought them to the northwest, they turned to Fisher Construction to partner with for not one but two projects to build on almost parallel schedules: Post Falls, Idaho and Billings, Montana.

to pave the way for 3rd party logistics trucking facility

Post Falls has experienced historic growth in recent years, making it an ideal hub location for a trucking terminal. With the purchase of the 16 acre lot adjacent to a new UPS facility just off I–90, they couldn’t have selected a better location.

After extensive site grading and the addition of retention ponds and retaining walls, what was once a field became 360,000 square feet of 8” thick concrete paving. Providing ample space for semi-trucks to maneuver to the 51 dock positions and/or refueling.

Of the 33,000 square feet, the building featured a 30,000 square cross-dock and 3,200 square foot office and employee areas. The site also included the construction of an 11,500 square foot shop with 11 shop bays. With so many trucks coming and going, the project also included the addition of a 30,000 gallon diesel fueling tank and 4,000 gallon DEF tank.