Project Description

Client: Lineage Logistics
Location: Othello, Washington
Project Size: 120,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Cold Storage

Whether in a busy port or the heart of farm country, third-party logistics and storage providers are constantly looking for ways to meet customer needs through added capacity and efficiencies. These needs drove Lineage Logistics to chose Fisher Construction Group as the design|builder for a 120,000 sq. ft. expansion of their cold storage warehouse in Washington’s Columbia Basin.

Fisher ties existing to new with unique solutions

While a freezer addition may seem pretty straight forward, Lineage Othello benefited from the unique solutions developed by Fisher’s design-build group.

Fisher’s design-build construction team paid careful attention to tying the existing building to the new building, creating an uninterrupted vapor barrier and assuring the future durability of both freezers.

The new freezer took advantage of the Tyco Quell fire protection system and maximized storage capacity height without increasing the footprint. Fisher’s engineering team addressed the need for additional bracing in the existing freezer to withstand the snow load that could accumulate in the saddle where the buildings join.

With the benefit of Fisher’s thorough cost comparison studies, it made economical sense to upgrade several systems which served the entire twenty-year-old facility. A new compressor, fire pump and alarm system were installed, making it possible to operate the entire, now 400,000+ sq. ft. plant with the upgraded components. The ammonia system for the addition is supported by six rooftop penthouse evaporators, saving valuable space within the freezer and making maintenance easier.

Fisher crews self-performed the installation of the insulated metal panel (IMP) walls and the civil and site work, completing the project ahead of schedule and budget.