Project Facts:

– 282,000 sq. ft. design-build plant expansion
– 108,028 sq. ft. ASRS high-bay freezer
– 2,100 sq. ft. wastewater pre-treatment facility

The road to success is always under construction— and Fisher Construction Group has shared more than 25 years of that journey with the J.R. Simplot Company. Fisher’s experience building and expanding Simplot facilities in Washington, Idaho, North Dakota, and Canada made Fisher the logical choice to lead the multinational effort of expanding Simplot’s processing plant in Portage la Prairie, Manitoba. Originally built by Fisher in 2003, the facility expansion doubled the plant’s production capacity.

design through commissioning, Fisher leads the successful multinational team

Designed and built to meet the highest food processing standards, the expansion added two new processing lines, a fully-automated low-oxygen freezer and a wastewater pre-treatment facility.

In addition to erecting the new facilities, the scale of the project dictated that pre-existing process support systems be upgraded, the existing building be reinforced, and additional piping loads be adequately supported. Fisher’s expert strategic planning and coordination made it possible to complete these upgrades while the existing processing lines remained fully operational.

From design through construction, Fisher solved the unique hurdles this facility, and its location, presented. Examples include architecting egress requirements for the two-hour fire-resistant walls running the 1,300 ft. length of the building and dealing with the extreme winds and low temperatures of the Canadian prairie. The challenges of building a highly automated facility of this size and scope in a moderately remote location extended to procurement, execution, and safety. Throughout the project Fisher kept the multinational team moving forward, Simplot fully operational, and the supply chain intact.

The successful outcome proves once again that where there is teamwork and collaboration, great things can be achieved.