Fisher’s A&E Team Lends a Hand Developing Trail System at Animal Shelter

It is said a person has two hands.  The first for helping themselves, the second for helping others.

And every few months, Fisher’s Architectural and Engineering team lends their hands to help others.  Last week, the team contributed another great effort. In this case, they performed work on behalf of the NOAH Center (Northwest Organization for Animal Help) in Stanwood, WA – helping those with cold noses, warm hearts, expressive eyes, and busy little paws.

Armed with shovels, rakes, pitchforks and wheelbarrows, the A&E team met early Thursday morning and promptly began distributing bark chips across a developing trail system which the no-kill animal shelter is expanding for both volunteer and public dog walkers.

While the section worked on was only half a mile in length, personally-worn fitness devices revealed the number of cart loads dispersed across the trail system translated into 8 – 12 miles of walking by every team member – all while negotiating moderate hills, curves, and heavy wheelbarrows pushing through damp land.

Every team member took turns pitchforking the chips into wheelbarrows, walking the loads across the trail system, and spreading the chips.  And all non-canine panting was performed through Covid-19 masks!

This hard work was promptly rewarded as various dogs were walked along the trail as the team toiled.  Gratitude was given in cuddles, smiles, wagging tails, and whole-hearted enthusiasm for an enhanced walking experience.

The Fisher team is proud to have performed this service – and would like to thank the NOAH Center for allowing us this opportunity, and Kemp West for supplying the chips on behalf of the NOAH Center.