Built To Perform


Fisher Construction Group was one of the first construction companies in the Northwest to offer turnkey construction services. As general contractors, our company offers a full range of design-build construction services including architectural design, structural engineering, food process engineering, and civil along with building construction. By combining services under a single contract, owner’s benefit from working with one team from concept to completion.

The benefits of our turnkey design | build approach are numerous, including:

  • Single point of accountability: All responsibility – for accuracy, completeness of plans, quality of construction, project coordination and costs – rests on Fisher Construction Group.
  • Design efficiency: Our construction, architectural and engineering expertise dovetails each phase perfectly, ensuring maximum design efficiency and value for the owner.
  • Superior teamwork: Because we maintain control over both design and construction, each step flows smoothly into the next and everyone works together for the common good of the project.
  • On the fast track: Design and construction can proceed simultaneously when necessary thereby bringing buildings online sooner and reducing interim financing costs.
  • Ongoing communication: Superb lines of communication – from weekly meetings to daily email and phone calls – ensure that issues are resolved immediately..


Architecture & Engineering

Fisher’s in-house architectural and engineering team gives us the ability to provide a turnkey solution for the design and construction of your facility. Our team has designed millions of square feet of manufacturing, processing and cold storage facilities, and office spaces.

General Contractors

First and foremost, we’re builders. We are experts at planning each phase of the job. General contracting is organizing and coordinating a string of commitments–the foundation, walls, roof, and everything in between is a system. Fisher’s integrated design | build approach is applied throughout the project and particularly on key building systems such as utilities and equipment installation, we can control the scheduling and budget, and assure that your goals are met.

Civil Site Work & Utility Installation

Bedrock, underground rivers, and hidden debris can all derail a project schedule. However, with Fisher’s self-performed civil site work and utility installation crews, companies can be reassured that our expertise and responsiveness will keep construction moving forward, on schedule and within budget.

Food Process Engineering & Installation

Our MEP specialists work with Owners to develop a thorough understanding of their facility’s processes and needs to create a highly efficient process design, integrating the building and the process for optimal productivity. We are experts in coordination the lead times for equipment delivery and installation. Mechanical systems will be installed and running on schedule with organized manuals and documentation to keep them running smoothly.

Thermal Envelope Systems

When constructing or renovating thermal and food-safe environments, the design and installation details are critical to the longevity of the building. The building envelope, made up of the walls, floors, ceilings and openings, require the highest level of construction design and expertise. Fisher Thermal is ready-design and installs a durable, long-lasting thermal envelope for food processing and/or controlled temperature facilities.

Roofing Installation & Repair

From top to bottom, Fisher has it covered. Led by roofing professionals with decades of experience in commercial roofing services, our roofing team can deliver any type of new construction roofing project required including low slope, steel slope, TPO, PVC, EPDM, built-up and architectural types. Additionally, our roofing services offer repair, re-roofing, preventive maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair.

Digging trench



Fisher has built millions of square feet of temperature-controlled warehousees. We have designed and built some of the most efficient refrigerated facilities in the US and Canada. Including an ever growing portfolio of Automated Storage Rettrieval System (ASRS) facilities.

Virtual Design

Fisher projects are designed in Revit, a building information modeling or BIM software that allows for 3-D modeling during the design process. BIM help identify potential conflicts early so they can be resolved before they become real problems at the job site.

Benefits of Revit Include:

  • Specifications are more exact, allowing accurate budgeting during the design stage
  • Fewer design changes as construction gets underway
  • Less waste and fewer delays
  • Better scheduling of trades and
  • Accurate as-builts for future facility
  • Improved communication throughout
    the process