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Fisher Thermal Services

Specialists in Thermal Envelope Design and Installation

In pursuit of better solutions for our customers, we created Fisher Thermal Services. Our team is lead by Dave Reinhardt, with over 30 years of experience with thermal envelopes. Fisher thermal services provides the deep knowledge base required to design as well as install a durable, long-lasting thermal envelope for your food processing or controlled temperature facility.

When constructing or renovating thermal and food-safe environments, the design and installation details are critical to the longevity of the building. The building envelope, made up of the walls, floors, ceilings and openings, requires the highest level of construction design and expertise. Fisher Thermal Services is ready to apply that expertise to your next project.

We know what works, what lasts, and especially know the best techniques to make your cold storage or food processing facility the durable investment you need.

Vapor Barrier: All Six Sides and Every Material Joined to Lock Out Moisture.

Choosing the right materials and knowing how to join them together to create vapor barrier is critical to a building’s integrity and durability. If there is a leak, or if moisture isn’t completely pulled out before a building is cooled down, then the joints will pull apart and the insulation can’t do its job. Our Thermal Services specialists ensure that not only is it designed correctly, it is installed correctly.


We understand your specific facility needs and in turn, match them with the right materials along with an experienced team of installers. With Fisher, you’ll get the lasting building performance you want. Our self-performing crews execute each detail with precision while never skimping or cutting corners to save time. First thing to remember, we’re all on the same team, assuring you of Fisher’s quality inside and out.

Thermal Services | We Stand Behind our Work

Cold storage and food processing buildings are unique environments that are put to the test daily. For that reason, Fisher’s team of thermal envelope specialists, over 50 strong, stands behind the components and the proven techniques used to make your building energy efficient and vapor barrier tight.

Dave Reinhardt

Dave Reinhardt

Vice President Thermal Division

Thermal Design & Construction:

  • Insulated Panel Systems
  • Low Temperature Floor Systems
  • Power and Manually Operated Cold Storage Doors
  • Hi-Speed Specialty Doors
  • USDA Compliant Construction
  • Trouble Shooting and Repairs for Thermal Systems and Specialty Doors

Industries We Serve:

  • Cold Storage
  • Food Services
  • Food Safe Manufacturing
  • Non-Edible Plants and Flowers
  • All Types of Food Processing:

    – Beer and Wine
    – Dairy
    – Fruit and Vegetables
    – Meat
    – Pharmaceutical
    – Snacks
    – Seafoods