Alliance Freeze Dry Group Underway with Canature Kitchen Lynden Facility

Dec 28, 2022 | Current News

Alliance Freeze dry Group’s facility will be the largest freeze-dry pet food facility in North America
State-of-the-art facility investments in the Lynden, Washington Community

Lynden, Washington—Friday, October 21, 2022—Fisher Construction Group and Alliance Freeze Dry Group (AFD Group) hosted a Commencement Ceremony to announce AFD Group’s new, state-of-the art 200,000 SF freeze-dry pet food and treat facility.

As North America’s largest integrated freeze-drying producers specializing in pet food and treats, AFD Group’s subsidiary, Canature Kitchen Ltd. is expanding with the company’s largest expansion to date. Not to mention, this project will be the largest freeze-dried pet food factory in North America. The facility is expected to be fully operational in 2024.

Chris Lang, Vice President of Operations for Fisher Construction Group stated, “This project is the first of it’s kind in the United States, using sustainable materials and practices. This is a project we can all be very proud of.” The project will be utilizing recycled concrete, recycled steel, and high-energy preserving insulation and building materials.

This facility will help meet increasing demands for healthier pet food products from consumers across North America. Focusing on environmental protection and sustainability, the plant will operate with an automated storage retrieval warehouse for high-efficiency storage. It will also feature a freeze-drying sector, and a processing/packaging area with advanced technology and automated production lines.

Ocean Tang, Senior Vice President of ADW Acosta proudly announced at the ceremony, “Costco’s senior executive has just confirmed approval this week that the Beef Liver Treats will be at all 551 Costco’s across the country.” Making it a major milestone for both AFD Group and ADW Acosta to celebrate. The facility will produce 4,000 metric tons of product annually, once fully operational.

“Since we started this project we have received the support of all of Lynden. Together we will make a beautiful and bright future,” Gary Xu, President of AFD Group stated at the Commencement Ceremony.

Mayor Scott Korthuis, City of Lynden Mayor stated during the ceremony, “Lynden has an outstanding portfolio of successful businesses and industries within our community. We are excited to add Canature Kitchen to that list. This is a great moment for all of us.” Once completed, the facility will provide 74 new job opportunities.

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This facility will allow Canature Processing to continue to uphold their mission to “inspire and empower others to impact dogs and cats health and well being through proper nutrition.”

“Freeze-dried meals and treats preserve the natural flavor and form, as well as the nutrition, of the raw food, and are easily rehydrated and absorbed. Hence, freeze-dried products have become more and more popular and are increasingly acclaimed as superstars in the natural and healthy pet food sector. With our strong technological advantage, AFD Group will continually innovate its products, processes and equipment to satisfy changing market demands. At the same time, while we are growing rapidly, we emphasize environmental protection and sustainability, for we only have one shared Earth,” Gary Xu, founder and President of Alliance Freeze Dry Group.

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