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Mar 20, 2024 | Cold Storage Projects, Current News

McKenna Migas, Project Engineer with Fisher Construction Group, Celebrating Women in Construction

In this episode of The Cool Times podcast, hosts Vince Free and Jenna Free sit down with guest McKenna Migas, Project Engineer at Fisher Construction Group to discuss her experiences in the construction industry. McKenna is currently working on-site at our ASRS cold storage facility for Agile Cold Storage in Gainesville, GA. She shares insights from her challenging yet exciting job site projects, highlighting the importance of confidence and boldness, especially for women entering the field.

The conversation delves into the unique challenges of construction, including navigating limited space and managing diverse personalities. McKenna emphasizes the need for thick skin and a focus on the end goal, despite the noise and doubts that may arise along the way. One surprising aspect of the industry for McKenna has been its small world nature, where connections and relationships often span across various projects and companies, creating a sense of community akin to a large extended family.

Join Vince, Jenna, and McKenna as they explore the dynamic world of construction and share valuable insights for aspiring professionals in the field.

Story Notes:

❄ Navigating Challenging Job Sites
❄ The Importance of Confidence
❄ Overcoming Intimidation
❄ Dealing with Adversity
❄ Skill Building Opportunities
❄ The Surprising Connectivity of the Industry

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