Project Description

Client: Amway | Nutrilite Botanicals
Location: Quincy, Washington
Surface Area: 41,595 sq ft.
Owner: Amway Corporation

Meeting Nutrilite’s Unique Specs

Extracting Nutrient Rich Powders in a Super-Clean Environment

Amway’s Nutrilite division has been creating vitamins for more than 50 years. Their concentration process uses specialized equipment to dehydrate, mill, and extract nature’s richest nutrients from the plants—creating the finest in nutritional concentrates.

Fisher’s extensive experience in building food processing plants and their design build process proved a winning combination for Nutrilite when they relocated their processing operation to be near their field operations in Central Washington. Capturing plant juices at their nutritional peak, the process creates a dry powder for vitamin supplements.

Working together early in the design process, the design team tackled the challenge of creating a new processing facility for one of Amway’s largest divisions. The highly combustible nature of powders and extracts made it necessary for areas of the building meet H2 and H3 standards, including a high-end dust collection system and translucent panels designed to blowout and release pressure should an explosion occur.

Fisher led the entire team with a deliberate plan for carrying the project process through to completion. Fisher coordinated the installation of the dryer, extractors, packaging lines, and the supporting systems, with a tight building layout, some of the equipment was lowered in place through the ceiling. Fisher met Amway’s high standards—even in difficult conditions, allowing the Nutrilite team to focus on creating and producing the ingredients for supplements to improve health.