Project Description

Client: Bornstein Seafoods
Location: Astoria, Oregon
Surface Area: 47,350 sq. ft.
Owner: Bornstein Seafoods

Waterfront Challenges

Solved with Fisher’s Design | Build Process

Founded in 1930, Bornstein Seafoods is a major West Coast seafood processor with locations in Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska.

Operating in an antiquated facility in Astoria, Bornstein needed to construct a new state-of-the-art facility to support increased production from its Pacific fishing fleet. Having worked with Fisher in construction of their facility in Bellingham, Washington, Jay Bornstein invited them to design and construct this new 47,350 sq. ft. project in Oregon.

The project required working closely with the many regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over the waterfront property, including the Port of Astoria. Fisher’s design team designed and permitted the facility, addressing the many challenges of the waterfront location.

Upon issuance of a permit, the Fisher’s construction team worked throughout coastal winter weather to complete the facility in time for spring seafood processing. The facility sits on top of potentially liquefiable dredged fill and therefore is constructed on a fully piled structural foundation and slab.

The facility includes processing area for crab, shrimp, bottom fish and salmon, an 8,100 sq. ft. low temperature freezer, and a new unloading dock/pier for receiving seafood from its fishing fleet.