Project Description

Client: Confidential Client
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Project Size: 170,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Specialty Corrugated Box Manufacturing


Fisher stepped up to the challenge and delivered for the client

When our client decided it was time to meet increased demand in the Utah market, they again turned to Fisher Construction Group to build their next plant. The second greenfield build for the partnership.

Located right next door to an existing facility, while the close proximity is ideal for the client, the site’s overall spacial limitations meant Fisher’s design team would need to get creative. In order to house the necessary equipment to produce their products, the facility’s footprint left little room for adjustments. Additionally, a rail spur located on the east side of the building came with it’s own setback regulations, all while needing to ensure adequate spacing for trucks maneuvering to both current and new dock access created a unique opportunity for the A&E team to show their ability to problem solve and get the job done.

As faith would have it, Utah experienced their wettest and highest snowfall levels in recorded history that year. But when mother nature decided to step in, Fisher again stepped up to the challenge and met it with their problem-solving abilities.

Site remediation involved cutting down between 18” to 36” of saturated soils, bringing in new material to create the building pad and site. Once the weather cleared and the soil dried out, Fisher was underway with installing the unique foundations and pits at the request of the client to accommodate for their equipment. Due to the depths of some of the pits and weight requirements of the equipment, helical piles were installed for necessary support.

The main structure of the building is comprised of sandwich concrete tilt panel walls. Poured in forms directly onto the slab, the walls are then tilted vertically. The structure is secured with columns, joists and metal decking to complete the 162,000 SF relatively open diaphragm that will house the state-of-the-art equipment. Once operational, the warehouse will produce, store, and distribute their specialty line of cardboard boxes.