Project Description

Client: Confidential Client
Location: Quincy, Washington
Architect: PKJB Architectural Group
Facility Type: Data Center

The digital age has brought a new kind farming – and steady growth – to Washington state’s Grant County.

A New Type of Farming

Innovation Provides a Sustainable Solution & Energy Savings

Here, where the countryside is dotted with wheat crops and storage barns, data companies are investing in the future by adding a growing number of server farms.
This facility addition features new three buildings to house the massive amount of data required to run internet browsers. Each building is built with standard prefabricated materials, designed and constructed in a way that uses outside air as a coolant.

Using an innovative, new energy-efficient design, Fisher Construction Group built the metal buildings which use over 100 louvers of different sizes. The system draws cool air into the computing area where it flows between rows of servers. Warmed by the servers, the hot air is contained in the center aisle and directed to a chimney in the upper level of the facility, where it is either recirculated or vented out through the building’s cupola.

Here, Fisher built a highly engineered solution with standard sustainable materials in a way that reduces energy use, and therefore the cost of keeping the servers cool.

Server farms have found a home among the wheat and potato farms in the
Columbia Basin and, like many businesses, data storage providers have found Fisher a valuable partner in building effective solutions, delivered on a tight time schedule.