Project Description

Client: EnerG2
Location: Albany, Oregon
Project Size: 73,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Manufacturing

Nanostructures, Carbon Anodes & Ultracapacitors

Facility Designed to Bring Cutting-Edge Technology to the Marketplace

When EnerG2 hired Fisher Construction Group as a design | build contractor to retrofit a warehouse in Albany, Oregon, they had a new idea that would revolutionize the carbon production process used in batteries. The Seattle-based company developed a patented technology which creates carbon from scratch.

To accomplish their process on a large scale, EnerG2 chose to retrofit an existing metal building warehouse located near their business partner, Oregon Freeze Dry.

EnerG2 chose Fisher because of their unique design | build process which offered the ability to create a virtual 3-D walk-through of the production process before actually constructing the project. Every pipe, every process system was computer simulated by Fisher’s design team before it became a reality.

The team’s challenge was to not only design, demo and retrofit the facility, but also to coordinate the equipment installation, electrical, mechanical and process support systems—everything required to convert the empty warehouse into a high-tech factory. The project was primarily funded through a stimulus grant from the US Department of Energy. The grant required an often overlooked side of a general contractor’s work: managing the extensive reporting needed to meet contractual funding requirements.

Designing and building a production facility for a process that had never before existed required expert coordination. From addressing the unique concerns of building a facility which would potentially handle large volumes of inbound material to meeting the sustainability grant requirements, Fisher’s team excelled in managing all of the details and created a cutting-edge production facility for EnerG2’s unique energy solution.