Project Description

Client: Enfield Farms
Location: Lynden, Washington
Surface Area: 31,600 sq. ft.
Owner: Enfield Farms

3D Modeling Saves Time

Visualizing the Process Flow Before Construction

Enfield Farms, Inc., located in the Northwest corner of Washington state produces premium quality red raspberries and blueberries. The company is committed to progressive farming techniques and uses the latest technology for processing the berries to maximize flavor and quality.

This facility is the second Fisher has built for Enfield Farms, both using the design | build process, giving them an active role in creating a facility to meet their processing needs, while controlling costs.

One of the advantages of Fisher’s design/build process is the ability to create a 3-D model prior to construction.

Enfield’s processing facility was virtually ‘built’ on the computer, bringing all the components together, including the blast freezer, equipment and platforms. The team could see the process flow as the berries entered on the conveyors, flowed through the blast tunnels and on to packaging. Using this approach, process flow issues were solved early, before construction, without impacting the schedule or budget.

When possible, food producers upgrade and build during the off-season. For berries, it means breaking ground in the fall and working on a fast-track schedule through the winter. Creative construction planning was required to meet the 7-month schedule in an unusually cold and snowy winter. Called ‘staging’, Fisher’s team weather-proofed areas of the building, moving ahead while other areas remained open and unfinished until equipment delivery.

The processing facility includes a cooler, freezer, office and quality control lab. The packaging assembly and storage area is located on mezzanines above the processing area, expanding the facility’s floor space (3,612 sq. ft.) without increasing the footprint.