Project Description

Client: Firestone Pacific Foods
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Surface Area: 36,750 sq ft.
Owner: Firestone Pacific Foods

Responding to Market Demand

New Freezers Save Energy & Delivers integrated Supply Chain

The Firestone family has been farming in southwest Washington for five generations. Situated on rich farmland near the Columbia River, Firestone Pacific Foods has grown to become a leading processor of frozen fruits in the Pacific Northwest. As the quality of frozen fruit has greatly enhanced, so has the market for products.

With the goal of fully integrating their farming, managing processing and storage, strict quality standards to deliver the highest quality possible. They chose to work with Fisher’s experienced design | build team to plan and build their new facility as they participated with a local economic development plan designed to grow the economy and save energy.

By building on-site cold storage, Firestone estimates that 1,000 truck trips will be saved.

Depending on capacity, number of times a door opens, a freezer’s temperature can fluctuate. Computerized system of state-of-the-art sensors constantly monitor the cold storage, and operate only when needed, maintaining the optimal temperature throughout the seasons.

That along with offering a fully-integrated facility which processes, packs and stores Firestone’s product as well co-packing for other growers.