Project Description

Client: Hempler’s Food Group
Location: Ferndale, Washington
Project Size: 105,000 sf
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Meat Processing & Cold Storage

  • 105,000 SF Exoskeleton 2-Story Premium and Natural Processed Meats Facility
  • 32 Custom Built Drying Rooms
  • 9 Custom Built Smokehouses
  • 5 Custom Built Intensive Chillers
  • 2 Custom Built Defrost Rooms
  • 5 Custom Built Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors
  • Connected to Existing Facility by Four 2-Hour Rated Passageways
  • New Employee Welfare Areas


a much needed facility expansion to meet demand

Hempler’s B.B. Meats & Sausage is a long standing specialty processing company that relied on Fisher to build them a new facility in Ferndale when they outgrew their Bellingham location.

As Hempler’s continues to grow, Fisher has continued to rise to the occasion, with this latest expansion making 5 completed projects with them. In addition to several other projects with sister businesses: Oberto and Isernio’s.

With years of continued partnership comes trust. When Hempler’s demand reached new levels, they knew they could count on Fisher Construction Group’s food processing and cold storage knowledge to expand their facility to meet their demand.

The new 105,000 SF expansion to the facility is a two-story exoskeleton connected by four 2-hour rated passageways. In order to maximize efficiency, the premium and natural processed meat facility required various custom built areas including drying rooms, smokehouses, chillers, defrost rooms, and vertical reciprocating conveyors.

The expansion also included new employee welfare areas, in addition to executive offices and conference spaces. Powered by two 4,000A services, the facility’s mechanical, plumbing, refrigeration, and electrical systems incorporate the latest technology to advance food and employee safety, as well as advanced energy and waste reduction measurements.