Project Description

Client: Henningsen Cold Storage
Location: Grandview, Washington
Size: 111,335 sq. ft.
Facility Type: Cold Storage

Read for Harvest in 180 Days

Helping Our Customers Keep Their Commitment to their Customers

A well-positioned site in Washington’s Yakima Valley provided Henningsen Cold Storage a location that worked for their needs and the needs of their customer. The challenge came with building the cold storage facility in the remaining six months prior to harvest.

When Henningsen turned to Fisher to build their fourth facility in five years, and said it ‘must be ready for harvest’, the Fisher team pulled all the stops and successfully designed, built and commissioned the facility 180 days from breaking ground.

Craftsmanship and innovative solutions are a given at fisher. But more often than not, our job is to help our customer keep their commitments to their customers.

Pressed by the need for fast-track construction, the team reviewed many options. Ultimately, Carnot CO2 refrigeration system proved key in reducing construction time and bringing the cold storage online sooner. The modular system is both smart and eco-friendly. The prefabricated roof mounted refrigeration units eliminated the time and cost of constructing a conventional ammonia refrigeration machine room. Installation was almost ‘plug-and-play’ and helped reduce the build time by nearly eight weeks.

Construction phases were adapted in order to expedite the installation of the Carnot system. Fisher Construction Group’s ability to self-perform many phases of the construction provided a further advantage by allowing the flexibility to adjust to needs as they arose. Fisher’s specialized and experienced crews performed the site work, foundations and IMP installation, minimizing common glitches.

Beyond helping Henningsen meet the needs of their customer, Fisher’s team delivered a highly efficient cold storage benefiting the neighboring community as well.