Project Description

Location: Spokane, Washington
Project Size: 90,000 sf 5-Story Renovation
Architect: Ross P. Farland Architects
Facility Type: Boutique Hotel

Skilled Craftsmanship & Attention to Detail

Bringing Beauty & Functionality to a Century-Old Hotel

By nature, renovation projects require tenacity, a character quality for which Fisher Construction Group is well known. Tenacity, along with craftsmanship and hometown pride, were vital in restoring Spokane’s century-old Otis Hotel into a charming historically accurate boutique hotel, the latest addition to the Hotel Indigo chain.

The Indigo brand promises an authentic local experience, each distinct, representing the community where they are located. This hotel is inspired by Spokane’s history. The building itself, is a salute to the past, with modern amenities throughout.

Renovating a century-old building means planning for the expected and being prepared to solve the unexpected. From asbestos remediation to incorporating the owner’s discoveries within the building, Fisher’s team worked through the details, large and small. Further, Fisher coordinated with multiple jurisdictional agencies, including the Spokane Clean Air Agency and the National Register of Historic Places.

Known for their industrial building expertise, the Otis Hotel project gave Fisher field crews an opportunity to showcase their fine craftsmanship. Fisher carpenters refurbished the extensive woodwork throughout the building and restored the leaded glass transom windows to their original beauty. Even the century-old black-and-white tiled entry floors were restored, adding to the authentic and historically accurate first impression of the lobby.

Along with the structural restorations, the building’s mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were replaced, including a low-noise heating and cooling system.

With tenacity matching that of the early Spokane settlers, Fisher’s team transformed decades of deterioration into a handsome boutique hotel, creating a superb blend of 20th century history and 21st century amenities.