Project Description

Client: Janicki Industries
Location: Hamilton, WA
Size: 154,000 sf

Pushing the Boundaries of the Invention

A Place Where an Idea becomes a Precisely Engineered Reality

As the demand for Janicki’s high-precision technologies grew, so did the need for a new facility to house their two CNC 5-axis milling machines and the large working envelope required for huge projects.

Janicki Industries is one of the world’s leading suppliers in composite tooling, developing patterns and molds for aerospace, marine, and transportation applications.

The design/build project was built to meet a rigorous list of requirements needed for the state-of-the-art engineering projects, including a nearly dust-free environment required for the high-tech composite materials. The facility’s system provides air seven times cleaner than air circulated through a standard ventilation system.

The milling machines operate on a 97 ft. foundation, running along parallel tracks supported by 4,000 tons of cast-in-place concrete. The mills are so stable and so precise they can mill within accuracies of +/- .0005”. Projects are moved throughout the plant on a configuration of 6 bridge cranes.

The facility, when fully operational, will employ nearly 400 people. Along with two milling bays and multiple work areas, the building includes an engineering lab, fabrication area, and several conference rooms.