Project Description

Client: John I. Haas
Location: Yakima, Washington
Renovation Area: 14,000 SF Processing Area Renovation with 2,500 SF Addition
Facility Type: Hop Processing Facility

Renovation Fits within Production Window

Maximizing Space & Product Flow with Turnkey Solutions

For the past 100 years or so, John I. Haas has had an obsession with growing and processing the finest quality hops for brewers around the world. The recent craft brewing boom fueled the need to expand the dry milling and pelletizing operation of North America’s leading hops supplier.

Through a chance meeting, over a beer no less, John I. Haas quickly recognized Fisher Construction Group as a valuable partner for their Renovation | Upgrade Project.

Fisher’s food processing experts went to work immediately, learning Haas’ process. In detail, documenting the current operation with process flow diagrams and equipment layout drawings. All with the goal of creating a building design which optimized material flow and clean design.

Before adding to the facility to create more floor space, Fisher’s design | build team designed structures that would maximize product flow through the facility. Additionally, making it more accessible for maintenance. Following a critical installation and construction plan, Fisher accommodated Haas’ production schedule. For the purpose of minimized downtime for tie-ins, all while making it possible for the plant to maintain safe and sanitary operation. Through sequential equipment ordering and placement, Fisher was able to work within a tight layout area on the plant campus.

Fisher continually evolves to meet the needs of customers. In this case, wrapping their arms around Haas’ unique process, to develop and construct a highly successful solution. Which required minimal building expansion. The process flow diagrams, equipment configuration, and clean design features along with construction and equipment installation were all part of the turnkey solution Haas was looking for in that first conversation over a beer in a bar.