Project Description

Client: Lamb Weston Innovation Center
Location: Richland, Washington
Project Size: 26,900 sq. ft. Innovation Center
Owner: Lamb Weston

Dream, Imagine, Inspire Innovate

Lamb Weston Innovation Center Dedicated to Meeting the Customer

Say hello to the new Innovation Center dedicated to inventing new products and hosting customer trials.

This dream facility for Lamb Weston is state of the art, processing plant in miniature with co-creation spaces, fully functioning kitchens, and a pilot line–in short, a place where ideas are imagined, tested and presented to customers.

Lamb Weston worked with their long time Design| Build partner, Fisher Construction Group. Creating a space that would serve as a flagship facility with every capability of a full-size processing plant; from receiving raw product through final packaging.

The project was a collaborative effort between Fisher and Lamb Weston, and their numerous equipment vendors. Integration of the building structure, mechanical and electrical systems with the equipment needed for Lamb Weston to perform their product research efforts was an ongoing collaboration through the very end of the project and beyond.

In addition to the technical challenges, the budget was set before the designer’s pen ever hit paper. Realizing the dreams of the engineers, scientists, managers, technicians, and marketing professionals, while balancing the constraints of funding were challenging. The project required frequent and clear communication. Moreover, there were on-going design, value engineering and estimating efforts. As a result, Fisher delivered the flagship solution Lamb was looking for. Complete with a ‘wow’ factor for a unique customer experience.