Project Description

Client: Litehouse Inc.
Location: Danville, Virginia
Project Size: 57,000 SF Cooler | 21,000 SF Processing Plant Renovation | 3,600 SF Wastewater Treatment Plant
Facility Type: Dressing Blending, Packaging, and Storage for Distribution

Creative Thinking Leverages Plant Footprint

Prepares Litehouse Inc. for East Coast Growth Strategy

With nationwide demand for Litehouse Foods products steadily growing, Litehouse identified an opportunity to balance production across the United States and streamline efficiency in their supply chain. Their strategy aimed to reduce transportation costs and delivery lead times east of the Mississippi while allowing all facilities to grow with demand at a regional level.

The solution came by acquiring an existing salad dressing producer and renovating and expanding their Danville, Virginia facility. Because fisher construction group had already worked with Litehouse to complete multiple renovations and expansions in Idaho and Utah, it was a natural choice to work with Fisher’s Design | Build Team to adapt the 125,000 sq. Ft. Facility.

Fisher’s design team devised a solution to leverage the tight site footprint, adding a 57,000 sq. ft. cooler as well as a wastewater treatment plant capable of processing 100,000 GPD of wastewater generated by plant operations. To increase the site’s usable space, crews blasted 20,000 CY of rock, opening it up for truck access to the new loading dock outside the cooler.

Fisher renovated 21,000 sq. ft. of space within the plant, creating a blending room, improving the processing space, and upgrading the mechanical room. Fisher man- aged the subcontractors and consultants throughout the project while ensuring everyone worked toward the same goals of quality, efficiency, and safety.

Throughout the 16 months of construction, the plant continued production. And despite challenges of record rainfall, saturated soils, and pandemic setbacks, Fisher met every objective and forged a turnkey, expanded, and updated processing plant ready to deliver Litehouse’s winning products across the Atlantic seaboard.