Project Description

Client: NewCold
Facility Type: Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS) | Distribution
Location: Burley, Idaho
Size: 305,000 sq. ft.

Fisher Builds ASRS ‘Cold Storage of the Future

Maximizing Space, Energy & Reliability

Riding the wave of the future, NewCold builds their second ASRS cold storage in the US. For the purpose of servicing the product storage needs of the newly expanded McCain Foods in Burley, Idaho. NewCold chose Fisher Construction Group again to build the fully automated cold storage facility. Undoubtedly based on the partnership and understanding developed when building their first facility in Tacoma, Washington.

Similarly to the Tacoma facility, the Idaho cold storage is a is a low-oxygen highbay warehouse. It uses robotic conveyers and cranes to store, move and retrieve products. Once pallets are received at the dock and loaded onto conveyors, all product movement is robot driven.

The environment in the freezer is controlled by a system which reduces the oxygen to 16.5% saturation by a nitrogen exchange process. On account of low oxygen levels, the area is sealed off from humans. In essence, the strictly controlled system eliminates the possibility of fire. No longer limited by the high cost of in-rack fire protection systems and accidental sprinkler trips, product can be stored substantially higher and more densely.

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The building is supported by the racking used to store the product. The pallet racks extend unobstructed to a height of 135’. Free of traditional building supports, horizontal and vertical conveyors run unobstructed through the warehouse.

This cold storage’s high-density, low-footprint configuration radically reduces energy costs normally associated with frozen food storage. On the whole, operating more safely and consuming half the energy compared to a conventional cold storage.