Project Description

Location: Bellingham, Washington
Project Size: 3,070 sf
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Financial

Location. Location. Location. SaviBank knew the value of prime real estate when they sought to locate their second branch office in Bellingham. Working with the design | build team of Fisher Construction Group, they explored the options available for the busy intersection in the city’s Fountain District. They found a building with little potential, but the location had an enormous upside.

Fisher helps SaviBank explore options

After thoroughly exploring the options and cost implications of removing the building vs. renovating, SaviBank decided to demo the existing building– and old KFC and start fresh. Four months later they opened the bank office and were very glad they chose to build new rather than renovate.

Working through the variety of options available to owners is a valuable service the design| build team at Fisher provides. The team of architects, structural engineers and construction professionals have seen it all Like on this project with SaviBank, they are a valuable partner in the due diligence needed to make informed business decisions.

Once the decision was made, the demo began with the construction following on its heels. The wood-frame building designed to fit on a tight lot footprint on the corner of a busy intersection. The team sequenced material deliveries and and construction work carefully to accomplish the end goal without disrupting the nearby businesses and homes.