Project Description

Client: Silver Bay Seafoods
Location: False Pass, Alaska
Project Size: 69,444 SF Processing Facility | 34,530 SF Bunkhouses & Employee Welfare & Support Buildings
Architect: Fisher Construction Group
Facility Type: Seafood Processing

Fisher Accepts the Alaska Challenge

State-of-the-Art Processing Plant on a Remote Island

The Alaskan fishing season is fast and furious. Therefore, to capitalize on the harvest, fish processors prefer to locate near the fishing fleet. Being close, ensures boats can off-load quickly and get back to fishing. Silver Bay Seafoods found the strategic location they desired in False Pass on the remote Aleutian Island of Unimak.

Building in Alaska isn’t for the inexperienced. Building in an isolated location compounds the challenge 100 fold. Everything, and we mean everything, had to be anticipated months in advance. This included the beds the crews slept in and the food they ate, in addition to every bolt, tool, and generator, along with the fuel to run the equipment. The majority of the materials, along with the equipment made the 2,000 mile trip by barge from Seattle.

Fisher construction group went to work designing the state-of-the-art processing facility and supporting camp infrastructure as soon as silver bay said ‘go’. The planning included dealing with everything that remote Alaskan location would throw at them; the wind, the cold and even grizzly bears.

Fisher built and customized to Silver Bay’s unique specifications. For example, the processing facility is designed to withstand a wind loads of up to 160 miles per hour. Additionally, the facility is built to process several types of fish, eggs for caviar, and recover fish oil from the remaining solids. Moreover, freeze tunnels and a plate freezer freeze hundreds of thousands pounds per hour.

Fisher’s scope of work was all inclusive; self-performing most of the work. For instance, the concrete, carpentry, civil and thermal work. Additionally, Fisher worked with Silver Bay Seafoods to install their proprietary equipment. Fisher civil crews prepared the site and installed all utilities, the power plant, satellite and IT systems, wells, a full septic system, and storm drainage.