Project Description

Client: SnoTemp
Location: Eugene, Oregon
Surface Area: 94,280 sq ft.
Owner: SnoTemp

A Sustainable Solution

Saving 1,200,200 kw Per Year, Enough to Power 109 Homes

Hops, dairy, grapes, and berries—Oregon’s Willamette Valley is home to over 232 cash crops, many of them ingredients in products SnoTemp Cold Storage inventories for its customers. The continual growth of food and beverage companies in the valley lead SnoTemp to expand their Eugene, Oregon facility.

Chock-full of energy-saving and product-enhancing benefits, the new facility is designed to preserve product quality and save on the cost of operations.

Fisher built SnoTemp’s addition in Albany and was contracted again to build the a freezer addition in Eugene. The new addition includes the latest energy-efficient components, used with the goal of reducing the building’s environmental footprint. Components such as the six inch IMP walls increase the facility’s insulation value to R42 and reduce the energy needed to maintain the cold storage at -20° degrees. The air-curtain doors, installed between the freezer and loading dock, reduce problems caused when cold air meets warm air. When a door opens, an air curtain is created, blocking the cold air from escaping from the freezer.

VFDs (variable frequency drives) on the compressor, condenser and evaporator motors optimize refrigeration performance. The fans are programed to respond automatically, operating only when needed. The system’s ‘intelligent defrost’ feature also automatically senses when to cycle on and off, maximizing defrost efficiency, preserving product quality and minimizing additional BTU’s.

SnoTemp’s new cold storage is loaded with great features, but the magic ingredient is how Fisher coordinated all the details and built the facility to last—ready to store plenty of Coconut Bliss and Chunky Mint Madness for years to come.