Project Description

Client: Washington Federal
Location: Bellingham, Washington
Project Size: 4,100 sf renovation
Architect: Carletti & Associates
Facility Type: Financial

Transformation Without Interruption

Customer service was the Priority Throughout the Renovation

Renovation rather than new construction makes a lot of business sense, as well as environmental sense. But, as anyone who has remodeled knows, it often isn’t the easiest option.

Washington Federal considered much needed upgrades to their Lakeway branch office in Bellingham, Washington. They wanted an updated facility in the same prime location. Considering that had served as a bank branch office for the past two decades. It was a daunting challenge to complete the remodel without a long interruption to customer service.

When Fisher won the project bid, they immediately went to work. They planned a construction schedule that would reduce the time closed to the absolute minimum. They completing the project in phases, sometimes working nights and weekends. As a result, the bank remained open serving customers though all but 4 days of the project.

In sixteen weeks the Fisher team gutted and rebuilt the two-story office. Which included bringing the structure up to seismic code. In particular, by reframing the interior bearing walls and pouring new footings in the crawl space to support the second floor. The exterior was refinished with stucco, storefront glazing, ACM Panels, and coordinated masonry. All of which to bring the 1960’s era building up to current Washington Federal branch standards.

The frumpy-to-fabulous transformation brought rave reviews from the bank personnel who experienced the renovation on a daily basis. Not to mention, the corporate directors were pleasantly surprised that Fisher’s team accomplished so much with such minimal interruption in customer service.