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Turnkey Construction Services

Fisher Construction Group was one of the first construction companies in the Northwest to develop an in-house design|build construction approach. With complete architectural, engineering and construction services combined under a single contract, you’ll work with one team from concept to completion. The benefits of Fisher’s design|build project approach are:
Single point of accountability: All responsibility – for accuracy, completeness of plans, quality of construction, project coordination and costs – rests totally on Fisher Construction Group.
Design efficiency: Our construction, architectural and engineering expertise dovetails perfectly, ensuring maximum design efficiency and value for the owner.

Superior teamwork: Because we maintain control over both design and construction, each step flows smoothly into the next and everyone works together for the common good of the project.
On the fast track: Design and construction can proceed simultaneously when necessary thereby operationalizing facilities more quickly and reducing interim financing costs.
Ongoing communication: Superb lines of communication – from weekly meetings to daily email and phone calls – ensure that issues are resolved immediately.