Agile Cold Storage Announces ASRS Expansion to Gainesville, GA Facility

Taking Agile Cold Storage to New Heights

Announcing a 125′ ASRS Expansion to their Gainesville Facility


Gainesville, Georgia: Agile Cold Storage announced today the addition of a 116,000 SF ASRS (automated storage retrieval system) to the Gainesville, GA facility. The 125-foot ASRS structure allows for high-density storage, maximizing overall distribution volumes. This state-of-the-art system uses software controlled robotic stacker cranes and pallet moles to store, relocate, and retrieve product throughout the sub-zero, cold storage high-bay warehouse. The robotic system addition will increase the facility’s ability to operate at maximum efficiency and increase overall productivity. This milestone is a major move for Agile Cold Storage on its mission to meet client’s cold storage and distribution needs.

“We are thrilled to open our first automated building alongside our facility in Gainesville,” said Agile President and CEO, Don Schoenl. “We are focused on long-term investments, partnering with superior manufacturers and hiring and training the best employees.”

“We’re excited to partner with Agile Cold Storage as the builder on this project. The addition of the ASRS to their Gainesville facility will be a great supplement to our growing portfolio of ASRS projects, utilizing the latest technology in automated storage,” stated Dan Powers, President and CEO of Fisher Construction Group.

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Support from Agile’s equity partners has helped the company achieve their goals in growth and warehouse success. “Don has been a valued partner for many years and continues to excel at serving customers, communities, and investors. Agile’s expansion in North Georgia and innovative use of technology and energy efficiency demonstrates his leadership within the cold storage industry,” Matt Carbone, AIMPERA Capital Partners.

“Continental Grain Company is thrilled to join in the announcement of Agile’s latest cold storage facility in North Georgia, one that will include the latest industry technological advancements and serve as a model for many more automated cold storage facilities in the years to come,” Ari Genderson, Chief Investment Officer, Continental Grain.

Agile broke ground on this facility in December and it is scheduled to open in 1st quarter of 2024.


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