Company Culture

Who We Are

Fisher Construction Group, Inc. is one of the top construction companies designing and building commercial and industrial projects in the food and cold storage industry throughout the US and Canada.

But who we are is a group of hard-working, creative people that enjoy walking through the doors every morning. We support one another, build each another up, and create a learning atmosphere full of opportunity and growth.

Our team members build rewarding careers because of our entrepreneurial spirits, our loyalty to each other, and our commitment to building better solutions for our customers. Our people are our most valuable asset —they are skilled problem solvers who understand that challenges lead to opportunities.

At Fisher, we’ve built a family-feel culture that our employees feel proud to be a part of.


We value integrity, responsiveness, and dedication to our client’s satisfaction. We work hard every single day to excel. Once in awhile, when the work is complete, it’s time to cut loose a little and celebrate the wins!

Four times a year, we hold our company-wide Quarterly Meetings. The core purpose of the meeting is for the company to go over necessary safety training, the latest updates within the company, and any other training topic as a group. But more importantly, once business is taken care of, this gathering becomes an opportunity to break bread with one another. It puts everyone under the same roof to connect in a way that you don’t get unless you’re in front of one another. It allows employees who work across the country from one another on their day-to-day a chance to share a laugh together.

We’re both work colleagues and friends at Fisher. Many of us share similar interests such as golfing, fishing, hiking, skiing/snowboarding, watching sports, and more, and we enjoy these past times with fellow colleagues outside of the office also. Even just grabbing a bite to eat together helps strengthen the bonds between us. Spouses and families have even become close friends over the years.


Here at Fisher, even though we have three separate offices, we still manage to come together as one. We’ve created a team environment where multiple disciplines work closely on a daily basis, regardless of geographical separations. We realize that each of us has our part in the bigger picture—providing the best possible building experience for our clients.

While our roots might be in the PNW, our clients take us all across the country and into Canada. Which means we need boots on the ground on-site. Those boots are worn, not only by our field crews, but our architects, engineers, and management teams. Just about every role in the company is willing to travel to some extent to ensure that the job is not just getting done, but getting done right. Traveling for the job allows employees to get to see different parts of the country that they may not have had the opportunity to.